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Seasons Greetings… December 26, 2009

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Happy Holidays.
Keep warm,Be safe.

With love,
Linda Nguyen


Free at last December 12, 2009

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So many nights alone where I couldn’t sleep; you left me drowning in tears of memories since you’ve been gone. I’ve found it hard to breathe cause there was so much of your heart. You were under my skin for the longest time. I just couldn't see a thousand wasted dreams rolling off my eyes, It was so tense,I could barely speak,it ached so much I could only tell it like fiction.I can breathe again dream again, i’ll be on the road again like i used to be. I feel free again. I’ll find another you. Can you imagine someone else is by my side? I’ve been afraid, I couldn’t keep myself from falling and my heart was always searching for a place to hide, someone to call mine, someone to hold. I am doing well,so hear me out when I say; the thoughts of you just faded away.

She is the very sin of life itself, living in a world and civilization, She deem unworthy of the many now ruined perfection it was blessed with.

The social anti-social she is, Another side of her you will eventually see.She suffers from a bipolar disorder and can feel extreme happiness and sadness in the most disturbing manner.

Manic depressive, Shy wall flower. Playful, simple yet complicated type of girl; fussy and a worrier. Not interested in numbers and figures..People who do not know her will often see her way of life as a sign of carefree light-heartedness..in fact, it is not.

Who is she, really? That girl you knew, The girl next door?

What you see is your perception of her, but what you know; is something that even she, finds much a mystery. Yes, It is she in the picture you see, but she may very well be, non existent.

The words she never said,The feelings that she hid,The lines you never read. The signals you never caught on.

You saw it in her eyes,Read it on her face; trapped inside are painful memories and lies of the past relationship.She can’t replace, It can’t be undone, She’s an emotional mess & That; you knew.
Memories still lingers,Haunting her every night,Yesterdays are over. So why can’t she be happier? Today is a brand new day. Nothing last forever,You must cherish what you’ve got. Her love was taken for granted; All you ever wanted, Was the love you thought you’ve won.
It’s a blurry vision; Hazy hard to clarify. Is there a road or a dead end?Unsure if she should take chances and risk another heartache, or should she just stand still and wait for the fog to clear?

Wait or risk the chances; Unfortunate Events concerning this heart was certainly unavoidable… & So begins the tale of a broken hearted hopeless romanticist.

Mystery December 12, 2009

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Thankful for this lyrical human design.

You’re a mystery or so it seems to me

You’ve got me wondering who is he?


Forsaken lips,heal me with your kiss

as we delve deeper into this.

Holding on to our sanity or maybe what’s left

as silent screams escape our mouths revealing two souls calmed and rested.


Too unreal to the feel,like the new ecstasy pills,

Discover me, discovering you;

you’re a mystery or so it seems to me

You’ve got me wondering, who is he?

we’ll mock the moonlights December 12, 2009

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Like goodnight-time conversations;Who keeps you up, quiet whispers and stuff?

That we ought to speak in hushed breaths, touch in pantomime. Let me bathe in your presence, sink in your eyes, swim with your spine.

God smiled, parting clouds letting the moonlight in, skin aglow and blessed. Oh, what this world would be if it gave and took with your zest!

Lips of rice wine, warm, intoxication divine. What trickles down your chin, I couldn’t decline. Fiery tongues chase the taste of sensations only time could refine.

Gave in to the truth of the moment most bare, no when’s and no why’s. Sharing laughter that would open minds to possibilities as endless as skies.

We dare not speak of that past. No, not now when yours is as unkind as mine. Tossed any excess by the floor, leave all burdens behind.

Took a second again to marvel at how we arrived at this purest of bliss. One stunning evening gone, truly starts with a kiss.

Struggles to contain the fire which burns so naturally.  We begin as slivers of what yesterday had shattered. Remnants of volatile passions, gathered.

The sharpest of shards from the smashing of hearts. Destroyed, homeless and rudderless in the dark. We embarked pushing neuroses filled carts. Afloat, jaded and marked; “Return to manufacturer. Product has broken parts.”

Ill-fated, unkind, star crossed designs. If love were the law, then we must’ve been some kind of crime. Almost given up ‘til our paths somehow aligned. Now, it’s nearly impossible to hide smiles from how you bend space and time.

Fleeting joys we escape to, from what was and still is strife. What is it that makes people call this a game? Why is it that when they see something beautiful, they must have it framed?

Divine signs entwined in an exquisite climb. Understand, It takes two to fly, and so if at any moment I could fall…..

How Fragile it is. December 12, 2009

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My heart;

Sometimes it’s better to keep It with me.

As least I’ll know, It is my own, It belongs to me;

My fragile heart.

I don’t know how I fell so hard.

Love December 12, 2009

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The time and energy sucked from within;

Over and Over again.


A force so strong, it pushed her low ;

Blinded by truth, it made her crawl.

Love,something so beautiful yet so torturous.

Corrupt,Destroy, Distort and Betray.

Was it worth it?


& I will continue believing.

Love, Peace & Light.

war December 12, 2009

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When I talk; you’ll drift away into your imagination
and throw it back at me as plotted nicely
as if it was true.

When I stand in my own box;
you’ll push it until I hit the corner
left stranded there as if there’s no way out…

When I defend;
nothing seems out right,pointless to do so..
as if I was the one to blame..

When I mesmerize;
I can only remember the bad times..
made me so afraid as if there’s nothing good at all there…

When you complain;
I try to absorb and secure a change
no promises can be made as if it was totally impossible to achieve…

When you ask for more;
I knew I couldn’t do that much,not because I don’t want to.
You made it so it seemed as if I was cold, like I didn’t care..

When you walk away…
I won’t hold you back..
because I can’t secure your heart
I’ll look away, as if you are not important at all…
When I step outside..
looking deep from within,we both didn’t mean to run and hide…
as if nothing between us were true…

the fact that we are different people trying to share…
ONE life together;

Love makes us do crazy things.
It’s like a battlefield, it’ll tear you down, breaking everything from within.
We’ll all breakdown until someone cuts the red wire.

War of love.
I am a survivor.

you’ll be December 12, 2009

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You’ll be my coolest fall.
Jumping in plies of leaves,
We’ll dance in an empty ally way,
to the songs that plays in our imagination at 3am in the morning.

You’ll be my warmest winter
we will sit by the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate,
we will exchange stories of our childhood memories.
& crack up to the embarrassing stories.

You’ll be my new chapter
As we look forward to starting a new year together.

You’ll be my breezy spring.
we will observe the buds, waiting to blossom into flowers,
whilst we sit by the window, counting every drops of rain.

You’ll be my sweetest summer
we will melt under the sun in the heat.
embracing every little breeze hits our face.

We will sit under the starry sky and name every planet on the milky way,
We will laugh under the moonlight;
Giggles and sighs as we exchange kisses.
We will cherish every moment spent, as if it was our last.

We will fight every odds that comes our way,
Us against the world.
You will be my good mornings and sweet nights.
You’ll be my sweetest sin.

You will be.


Smile. Cos you’re in my heart.

We could be December 12, 2009

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Into the boundless music of it’s beauty; I unclasp some words deep from my soul, Where I have cast a spell with all my care.
Though there will be sighs about the past events,How critical some problems may be;
Looking further, there will be a light, Examine well and there might be a true beauty, Writing it here I hope for peace..

Can my helpless dreams turn into reality?

It’s hard to explain helplessness. How is it that it takes but one image, one act, one word to melt you from your insides? Your body turns liquid. Shapeless, you concede to the warmth. Forgetting who you were, you find out who you are. Thy base self is unleashed and conscience is pushed away far enough not to interfere; but close enough still to watch you indulge. It smiles a grin of reckless abandon that borders between blessing and mockery.

We could be … Now we’ll never know.

Runaway girl December 12, 2009

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The feeling of fear woke me up this morning;
Drowsy effects of benalyn and stress hitting
I’m in dilemma and struggling.
I know I haven’t tried hard enough;
but it is so demotivating, after all these rejection
I feel like I’m not good enough.
I have to try harder and harder,
but my instinct is pushing me to go back to where I feel free
maybe i should.

Maybe It’s time to run away;
Runaway girl, It’s who I am by nature.